Temporary Real Estate License Parking

temporary real estate license parking

There are agents who are completely inactive and yet do not want their Alberta real estate license to be deleted. These agents generally have no short term plan to return to the industry and no interest in utilizing their license status to generate referral income, they are truly only interested in temporary parking their Alberta real estate license with a brokerage to avoid the 3 year unregistered timeline at which point their entire license credentials are deleted from the Real Estate Council of Alberta list of eligible licensees. For these agents, there are few options for the temporary parking of Alberta real estate licenses.

The large active traditional real estate brokerages have no interest in allowing the temporary license parking for an agent who does not plan to actively be involved in real estate and perhaps more importantly, no interest in paying monthly fees to the brokerage. Every large brokerage that I am aware of simply flat out refuses to waste their time on temporary license parking agents.

Park And Protect (the largest real estate license parking specialty brokerage in Alberta) is the only Alberta real estate brokerage who specifically caters to the needs of those agents who need temporary license parking. We have a short term license registration option which basically allows for an unlicensed but eligible agent to register their Alberta real estate license for a minimal period of time (essentially getting licensed for a single day) which is sufficient to reset their 3 year expiration clock back to the start.

By registering temporarily with Park And Protect, these agents can reset their clock, ensure their license will not be deleted, and enjoy the security of knowing they once again have nothing to worry about for 3 years. Thanks to our outstanding relationship with the registration department at RECA, we can confidently provide rapid turn around and efficient registration for those agents whom we accept and provide this service for. We believe there is no faster option to save your Alberta real estate license from deletion and to park and protect your license going into the future.

temporary real estate license parking

If you have an Alberta real estate license but have been unregistered for a period of time, you should contact us to discuss how you can avoid deletion. The longer you wait, the greater chance that you will run out of time and miss your deadline. Don’t let your Alberta real estate license disappear, contact Park And Protect via our contact form on this site.

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