Alberta’s Largest Real Estate License Parking Brokerage

There are many reasons why you may wish to park your Alberta Real Estate License with our Specialized License Parking brokerage. We have a large and diverse group of industry professionals from across Canada, both Agents and Associate Broker Licensees, who choose to park their real estate license with us. We are a trusted and secure place to ensure your most valuable career asset is safe.

Please use the menu above to learn about our Brokerage, to learn about License Parking or to apply to join our Alberta real estate license parking brokerage. To contact us regarding licensing enquiries, please see the About Us page.

We Work With Brokers, Agents and REALTORS!

Due to the high volume of enquiries we receive and in order to provide the most comprehensive response, we prefer all initial communication and questions are submitted to us via the website form. Our licensees are our #1 priority and we strive to reply to all submissions by REALTORS, Agents and Brokers within 2 business days. (Realty media and marketing requests may also be sent using the same form and will be returned within 3 business days)

*Park And Protect is a Calgary based realty Brokerage dedicated exclusively to providing a place for Agents, Brokers and even REALTORS to register and park their Residential, Commercial, and Rural specialized Alberta real estate license.  We also have qualifications for Property Management and Condominium Management, however are not active in those sectors presently.  We are not members of MLS, AREA or CREA, however do work closely and have strong relationships with our Industry partners who are.

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License Parking Articles

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    A great opportunity currently exists for Ontario real estate agents. Thanks to the generous labor mobility laws in Canada, it is now possible for licensed Ontario real estate Agents to seek licensing in other provinces, the most popular of which is currently Alberta. The process to become dual licensed and to add an Alberta real…

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  • Temporary Real Estate License Parking

    There are agents who are completely inactive and yet do not want their Alberta real estate license to be deleted. These agents generally have no short term plan to return to the industry and no interest in utilizing their license status to generate referral income, they are truly only interested in temporary parking their Alberta…

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  • Alberta Real Estate License Expiration

    Don’t let your Alberta real estate expire and get deleted! You must register your license with an Alberta real estate brokerage like Park And Protect if you do not want to lose your credentials forever. This is a pretty important topic so let me explain it in more detail. Real Estate License Costs Alot! The…

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