Temporary Real Estate License Parking

temporary real estate license parking

There are agents who are completely inactive and yet do not want their Alberta real estate license to be deleted. These agents generally have no short term plan to return to the industry and no interest in utilizing their license status to generate referral income, they are truly only interested in temporary parking their Alberta real estate license with a brokerage to avoid the 3 year unregistered timeline at which point their entire license credentials are deleted from the Real Estate Council of Alberta list of eligible licensees. For these agents, there are few options for the temporary parking of Alberta real estate licenses.

The large active traditional real estate brokerages have no interest in allowing the temporary license parking for an agent who does not plan to actively be involved in real estate and perhaps more importantly, no interest in paying monthly fees to the brokerage. Every large brokerage that I am aware of simply flat out refuses to waste their time on temporary license parking agents.

Park And Protect (the largest real estate license parking specialty brokerage in Alberta) is the only Alberta real estate brokerage who specifically caters to the needs of those agents who need temporary license parking. We have a short term license registration option which basically allows for an unlicensed but eligible agent to register their Alberta real estate license for a minimal period of time (essentially getting licensed for a single day) which is sufficient to reset their 3 year expiration clock back to the start.

By registering temporarily with Park And Protect, these agents can reset their clock, ensure their license will not be deleted, and enjoy the security of knowing they once again have nothing to worry about for 3 years. Thanks to our outstanding relationship with the registration department at RECA, we can confidently provide rapid turn around and efficient registration for those agents whom we accept and provide this service for. We believe there is no faster option to save your Alberta real estate license from deletion and to park and protect your license going into the future.

temporary real estate license parking

If you have an Alberta real estate license but have been unregistered for a period of time, you should contact us to discuss how you can avoid deletion. The longer you wait, the greater chance that you will run out of time and miss your deadline. Don’t let your Alberta real estate license disappear, contact Park And Protect via our contact form on this site.

Alberta Real Estate License Expiration

Don’t let your Alberta real estate expire and get deleted! You must register your license with an Alberta real estate brokerage like Park And Protect if you do not want to lose your credentials forever. This is a pretty important topic so let me explain it in more detail.

Real Estate License Costs Alot!

The cost of obtaining an Alberta real estate license is quite high and has been continually increasing. There is the financial cost of the course, educational materials and registration fees, plus there is also a large amount of time committed to the learning, studying and examinations. The overall personal investment to become a REALTOR, Agent or Broker in Alberta in quite significant. You definitely do not want it all to go to waste due to being unprepared or unaware of the rules surrounding Alberta real estate licensing.

Don’t Get Deleted!

In Alberta, a licensee must be registered with a brokerage to be an active Agent and trade in real estate. If you become unregistered for any reason, by choice or not, the clock starts on your deletion. Upon 3 years to the day from the last day you were registered with an Alberta real estate brokerage your license is deleted from the system and all of your credentials are lost. There is no exceptions made to this rule and many Agents have inadvertently lost their most valuable career asset due to being unaware of this policy.

What Can I Do To Keep My License Active?

Agents who wish to keep their credentials from expiring and being deleted need to register with an Alberta real estate brokerage before their 3 year expiration occurs. You should not wait until the last day, week, or even month to do this or you might be unsuccessful in having enough time to get the paperwork completed and filed with the Real Estate Council of Alberta. The process is not always fast.

Why Join Park And Protect?

Park And Protect is currently the largest and fastest growing specialty license parking brokerage in all of Western Canada. We are an Alberta based brokerage where you can park your Alberta real estate license for a flat affordable annual fee. We do not charge monthly fees like the franchise real estate offices do, nor do we do not charge outrageous office splits. We do allow all of our registered Agents to collect referral fees from other industry professionals and we let them keep 100% of those referrals (minus a flat processing fee only). There is quite simply no more profitable place you can park your Alberta real estate license and still get paid.

Who Would Join You?

If you want to see the most impressive collection of real estate industry veterans from across Canada, take a look at our Agents and Associate Brokers. Our office is home to some of the leading pre-construction sales Agents from Toronto, allowing them full access to the hot condo and single family construction market in Calgary and Edmonton for their investor clients. We also have Agents from the leading franchise brands (RE/Max, Coldwell Banker, C21, etc), literally the guys who have helped to build and shape the Canadian real estate industry for decades. Heck, we even have an Olympic Gold medalist! I can confidently say you can’t find a more diverse and experienced team of Agents anywhere in Canada.

What Should I Do?

The answer is, take action now. Don’t wait and put it off any longer because time is not on your side here. If you wait too long, we cannot help you. Contact us at admin@parkandprotect.ca and schedule a call with us. We can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

We have a stellar relationship with the Real Estate Council of Alberta and in many instances can have your license registered and saved within 24 hours of you sorting out your online payment. Our goal is to ensure our process is among the most streamlined and efficient in the industry. The only delay at this point is ……. you?

Parking Your Real Estate License in Alberta

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If you’re a licensed Alberta real estate agent or broker, you may have heard of the term “parking your real estate license.” It refers to a practice where an agent chooses to maintain their real estate license but not actively engage in trading in real estate. Essentially, they are putting their license on hold until they’re ready to resume work. This can be a good option for agents who want to take a break from real estate, explore other career opportunities, or simply want to take time off from the industry for any variety or reasons from health to family to even traveling.

However, like most things in life, there are pros and cons to parking your Alberta real estate license. In this blog post, we’ll explore both sides of the equation, so you can make an informed decision.


  1. Cost Savings: One of the biggest benefits of parking your Alberta real estate license is the cost savings. Real estate agents are required to pay annual fees to maintain their license, even if they’re not working. By parking your license, you can avoid these fees and save money. Especially if you join a brokerage like Park And Protect who does not require you to join any real estate board, provincial or federal groups, or any of the other expensive but completely unnecessary industry organizations.
  2. Flexibility: Another advantage of parking your license is the flexibility it offers. You can take a break from real estate without having to worry about meeting continuing education requirements or keeping up with industry changes. Your license can remain parked as long as it is registered with a license parking brokerage in Alberta.
  3. Easy Reinstatement: If you decide to return to real estate in the future, it’s generally easier to reinstate your license than to start from scratch. You’ll still need to meet certain requirements, but the process is usually faster and less cumbersome.


  1. Loss of Income: Perhaps the most obvious drawback of parking your license is the loss of income. Real estate can be a lucrative career, and if you’re not working, you’re not earning money. However, a parked Agent can still collect certain commissions and referral fees depending upon the parking brokerage they register with.
  2. Limited Access to Resources: Real estate agents who are actively working have access to a variety of resources, including MLS listings, networking opportunities, and training programs. When you park your license, you may lose access to these resources, which could make it more difficult to return to the industry. This is why parked agents are generally precluded from all trading in real estate.

In conclusion, parking your real estate license can be a good option for agents who want to take a break from the industry. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision. If you’re considering parking your license, be sure to check with your state’s real estate commission to understand the specific requirements and procedures for doing so.