Ontario Agents Can Sell In Alberta?

ontario agents sell alberta real estate

A great opportunity currently exists for Ontario real estate agents. Thanks to the generous labor mobility laws in Canada, it is now possible for licensed Ontario real estate Agents to seek licensing in other provinces, the most popular of which is currently Alberta. The process to become dual licensed and to add an Alberta real estate license to your list of credentials is actually very simple and surprisingly cheap. Already, several top producing Ontario REALTORs have obtained Alberta real estate licenses and are making massive income in the pre-construction condominium space, while others are finding huge success in introducing multi-family properties to their investors and clients from Ontario. This opportunity will likely change, get more expensive, or end completely in the future, so the time to learn about it is now.

Why Get An Alberta Real Estate License?

There are many reasons that some of the top agents in Ontario have already started to capitalize on the ability to get licensed to sell real estate in Alberta. The most obvious reason is because of the opportunity. While much of the Ontario market has declined or been stagnant, the Alberta market in Calgary and Edmonton have both continued to grow rapidly. There are lots of huge project underway and countless more coming over the next 3 to 5 years. The Alberta real estate market is like the Ontario market fifteen years ago, and you know how that went up up up for a solid decade. Alberta will do the same.

The second reason Ontario agents are having success in Alberta is experience. Most Toronto agents have had years of experience selling condominiums, preconstruction projects, and doing business in a fast paced multi-offer market. Many Alberta agents have little experience with this type of market, with this type of real estate, and these types of projects. Quite simply, an experienced Ontario agents is going to have a nice advantage just based upon market experience right now.

Thirdly, the process to get licensed is so easy and affordable. You are even able to obtain an Alberta real estate license and simply park that license with an Alberta Real Estate License Parking Brokerage, thereby avoiding paying all of the ridiculous industry fees, office fees, franchise fees, etc. The cost is extremely low, especially considering the potential income possibilities you will gain.

Lastly, as a successful agent expanding your credentials and becoming dual licensed is not only impressive to your clients, but also demonstrates that you have the ability to provide them with a greater offering of services than your competitors. Seriously, less than 1% of Ontario agents will be smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity to easily obtain an Alberta Real Estate License before it eventually changes, gets more expensive, or completely ends.

Will you be one of the few who takes advantage or will you be like the other 99% who get left behind? Park And Protect is not the only option, but we are the largest specialty license parking brokerage in Alberta and have experience working with leading Ontario agents, brokers and REALTORS. Ontario agents choose us to maximize their profits and minimize the hassle. Feel free to contact us via the webform.