How Much Does License Parking Cost?

Parking your Alberta real estate license is definitely a way to reduce your cost of being licensed and yet still maintain your industry qualifications. There are many expenses associated with being a REALTOR, Agent or Broker, most of which can be reduced or eliminated by parking your license.

There are 2 primary fees which you will pay to park your Alberta real estate license with us. The first fee is payable to RECA, the provincial licensing body, and the second is the simple annual license registration and parking fee to Park And Protect. By paying only these two fees you are licensed in Alberta, covered by REIX real estate practitioners errors and omission insurance, and registered as an Agent with Park And Protect real estate brokerage. The total cost for these business expenses is roughly $1200 depending upon your license class and status.

Comparing this cost of approximately $1200 which is payable once per licensing year (September of each year) to being registered with a traditional franchise real estate office who is a member of MLS, AREA, CREA and a local real estate board and the difference is thousands of dollars in savings. For example, the cost of registering at my previous franchise real estate brokerage was $1400/month desk fee + transaction fees + office fee + $200/month MLS board fee + $800 annually to AREA and CREA. A total of probably approaching $20,000 in expenses per year.

$1,200 to park your license with us VS $20,000 to join a MLS franchise office. A very massive difference and the clear reason that Agents choose to park their Alberta real estate license with Park And Protect.

*These numbers are based upon my personal experience, your actual expenses may vary greatly and even exceed these. Do your own Due Diligence!!!

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